An introduction to everyone working with Durham Dogs…

Sarah Kitching – Agility Instructor

Sarah’s passion is dogs, any training and time she spends with them she loves. She has competed in agility since 1999 and had a very successful career. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge she can share with you and is an enthusiastic and fun teacher.

She is a fully qualified Kennel Club Accredited Instructor. We all abide by the scheme’s code of practice which sets out the standards governing both our professional conduct and training practices.  Being part of the KCAI Scheme means Sarah has undertaken to promote and use suitable and motivational methods consistent with principles of kindness, fairness and good welfare of dogs.

Laura Brenchley – Agility Instructor

Laura has been agility training for just over ten years. She began agility to try to tire out her very naughty puppy who was in need of some mental stimulation. It turned out that both of them loved it and ended competing at Championship level.

She is passionate about teaching others to train and bond with their dogs; whether it is just for fun or with an aim to compete. From an education background she loves to facilitate others to learn, making sure she gets the best out of both you and your dog.


Julie Irving – Hooopers Instructor

Julie has owned dogs all of her life and can’t imagine life without one (at least one!).  She has competed at high level in agility for over a decade and now trains and competes in Hoopers, a new low impact dog activity.

She is an accredited advanced Canine Hoopers UK Instructor, a qualification which has been approved by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. She is also has passed a diploma in Canine Behavior Training and is currently studying to be an IMDT instructor.


Maureen Conlin – Obedience Instructor

Mo started her journey with Shep, her working sheepdog. He took her from pre-beginners to ticket and also winning class championships! She credits some amazing people who have helped her up the ladder to ticket and most importantly some amazing dog’s. She now has three dogs at championship level and one almost there.

She loves teaching people to have an amazing bond and a happy dog, while working their dog in obedience or as a amazing family pet. She breaks all components down to put together like a jigsaw, so our partners understand all what’s being asked. She hopes to see you and your dog’s soon.


This is Sarah in action with her dog Uno…

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