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Back on Track® Canine Mattress, Allround


Back on Track® Canine Mattresses, available in three styles (Standard, Allround and Cage Fit), are rectangular in shape and manufactured using with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. These soft, comfortable beds are designed to reduce pressure from the animal’s weight and keep your pet warm & cozy while allowing the material’s therapeutic FAR Infrared properties to maintain supple muscles & joints. Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages are prone to arthritic and joint conditions, so a mattress pad can provide great relief and improve their mobility. It’s clear to see how much the dogs enjoy them and you could be amazed at the results. Ideal for dogs with inflammatory conditions or for a sporting/working dog and great option for those dogs who refuse to wear a jacket/blanket.

The “Allround” is thin and quilted and well suited for dog crates in the car because it can be used in various box sizes. Other than in the car, this Mattress has many applications. The mattress is easily washable

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Extra Small: 55cm x 38cm (22″ x 15″)
Small: 76cm x 58cm (30″ x 23″)
Medium: 86cm x 58cm (34″ x 23″)
Large: 100cm x 68cm (40″ x 27″)
Extra Large: 120cm x 74cm (48″ x 30″)

Colours: Black