Back on Track® ‘Dark Nights Collection’ Canine Rug


This latest, Back on Track® ‘Dark Nights Collection’ Canine Rug emulates the appearance of the new ‘Dark Nights Collection’ horse SaddlePads. Manufactured using the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused material, it is of a quilted design with a light insulation and an outer layerof high-quality durable fabric.

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The fast close (with hook and loop) at the front chest opening and on the anatomically shaped girth, makes it easyto adapt for lots of different breeds. There is reflective detail in the front and champagne embroidery on the flank and elastic leg straps at the back (to keep the rug in place, even on your pet’s wildest adventures). Ideal for most breeds, including Dachshunds.

Colours: Blue / Burgundy

SIze: Measure withers to tail

£45.00 each (20cm)

£48.00 each (30cm & 40cm)

£52.00 each (50cm)

£56.00 each (60cm)

£61.00 each (70cm)

PLEASE NOTE: while the product brand is Back on Track®, Durham Dogs’ association is with T. & W. Healthcare Products t/a. BACK ON TRACK-UK.
Back on Track® and Wellex™ are actually the names and registered trademarks of the manufacturing/distribution organization, based overseas. (NB. Wellex™ refers to the specialized fabric).