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Back on Track® Elbow Brace


The Back on Track® Elbow Brace Standard can be efficient for problems such as Carpel Tunnel, Tennis Elbow and other similar RSI problems.The Ceramic particles in the revolutionary Welltex™ fabric reflect body heat as infrared waves.This reflected heat can ease muscle tension, reduce inflammation and deep seated pain, increase blood circulation, and speed up the healing process. Back on Track® superior quality products are also designed to stimulate heat within the nerves, which slows down their ability to simultaneously transmit pain.

Sizes: (measure the circumference of arm 8cm above the elbow bend)
Extra Small, 23cm – 25cm
Small, 26cm – 29cm
Medium, 30cm – 32cm
Large, 33cm – 36cm
Extra Large, 37cm – 41cm

Colours: Black

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Part of the NEW Back on Track® Physio Series, the Back on Track® Human Elbow Brace, Physio is a high-quality brace, which is manufactured using a 4 way stretch variant of the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric. These Braces are breathable, with wicking properties, ideally suited for use before, during and after exercise and their functional design is proving popular with both sportspeople, as well as those looking for improved mobility and well-being. The Physio Series also includes Wrist, Knee, Ankle and Calf braces.

PLEASE NOTE: while the product brand is Back on Track®, Durham Dogs’ association is with T. & W. Healthcare Products t/a. BACK ON TRACK-UK.
Back on Track® and Wellex™ are actually the names and registered trademarks of the manufacturing/distribution organization, based overseas. (NB. Wellex™ refers to the specialized fabric).