Back on Track® Shin/Leg Wraps


Back On Track® Canine Shin/Leg Wraps are expertly manufactured from a revolutionary, durable polyester material, which incorporates a unique ceramic fabric that gives the product it‘s heat-inducing properties. The product is secured using three Velcro straps.

Small: 14cm W x 11cm L
Medium: 15cm W x 12cm L
Large: 18cm W x 14cm L

Colours: Black

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To obtain the correct size requirement, measure the circumference of the animal’s lower leg to give you the width. Then, measure the leg from the top of the paw to the carpal joint to give you the length.

The Shin/Leg Wraps & Hock/Ankle Wraps do not reinforce or immobilize the limbs in a similar way to that of splint. However, when fitted securely, but comfortably (utilising the Velcro straps), they do form a robust support, yet still allows for normal movement.

PLEASE NOTE: while the product brand is Back on Track®, Durham Dogs’ association is with T. & W. Healthcare Products t/a. BACK ON TRACK-UK.
Back on Track® and Wellex™ are actually the names and registered trademarks of the manufacturing/distribution organization, based overseas. (NB. Wellex™ refers to the specialized fabric).