FirstCanine Orthopaedic Knee Brace – Dual


The ‘FirstCanine’ Knee Support is an external, orthopaedic, device, specifically created as an aid to dogs suffering with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) injuries, Arthritic conditions, Meniscus damage, Dysplasia, Patella problems, Tendinitis, etc.

Colour: Black



It’s advanced design is intended to assist in stabilising the area by keeping the Stifle joint compressed/secure, with the result that it could, possibly, minimise the need for surgery. When fitted correctly, this Stifle Brace can have a soothing effect, helping to overcome lameness and joint pain/discomfort and, in doing so, may expedite the healing process and aid longer term recovery/treatment (especially post-surgery), which could then allow the dog to quickly regain normal mobility and wellbeing.

The ‘cone’ covers the thigh & knee area, with a rear opening (using Velcro closures), for ease of fitting (allowing the brace to be wrapped around the thigh, rather than the dog having to lift it’s leg, thereby reducing the risk of aggravating the existing condition) and to provide extra control of adjustment/comfort. The Brace is secured in place by a single ‘over the back’ strap that attaches to the opposite leg (or secondary Knee Brace, in the case of the Dual variety), along with a ‘holding belt’, that can fit between the back strap and a harness, to minimise the potential of any slippage to the rear, especially for dog’s that have a sloping rump. ‘FirstCanine’ Knee Supports are most effective when the dog is standing upright or walking.

Sizing is determined by measuring the circumference around the highest part of the leg (round the very top of the thigh area & under the belly/groin).