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Mnetic-Band 360° Therapeutic Magnetised Bands


An easy to apply, comfortable therapeutic strap that, unlike individual magnets, encompasses a multiple pole, magnetised tape. That system provides a continuous 360° gyratory, low frequency magnetic field, the influence of which is, when worn, designed to aid in alleviating several conditions/ailments and to promote overall wellbeing. Suitable for Humans, Horses, Dogs Cats, Rabbits, etc. Individual sizes, detailed below.

These products may provide:

*  Improved Mobility.

 Pain Relief.

          *  More Energy.

Enhancements in mobility and a reduction of pain have been noted, in a large number of cases. However, no formal scientific studies or clinical trials have been carried out, as these types of products can have varying results on different individuals. 

Not to be used if there are known heart conditions, or pacemaker fitted.

Not to be used with an internal insulin pump.

Not to be used during pregnancy.

* It is advised that Diabetics should consult their GP, prior to use (as per UK health guidelines).


Available as:

Human Wrist, Arm or Ankle Bands (suggestions: XS, S, M)

Equine Fetlock Bands (suggestions: M, L) a pair is recommended) Alternatively, could be worn around the fetlocks, above/below the hocks (hind leg) or the knees (foreleg).

Canine Neck Bands* (suggestions: S, M, L, XL) or Leg Bands (suggestions: XS or S) and for other animals, too.

Sizes:   XS (17cm), S (25cm), M (37cm) & L (54cm) & XL (70cm)

(size is determined by measuring the circumference aroundthe part of the body, where the band is to be worn).

Colour:  Black

Price:  (XS) £20.00 ea., (S) £21.00 ea., (M) £23.00 ea., (L) £25.00 ea.  &  (XL) £28.00 ea.

*May be used in conjunction with a collar, or could worn around the leg (above the Wrist (foreleg) or Hock (hind Leg).

 These products are not a medical treatment or therapy.