Ortocanis Elbow Orthosis Brace


Unique in Europe, the “Ortocanis” Canine Elbow Orthosis an externally applied device, designed to control biomechanical alignment, correct or accommodate deformity and protect and support an injury. is a support which can improve the mobility of dogs that suffer with Arthritic and Osteoarthritic conditions.

This brace is used for the treatment of Hygromas, Bursitis, Calluses, Decubitus Ulcers (Pressure Sores), Elbow Dysplasia, Osteoarthritis, Swelling and Limps (that cause pain to so many dogs), both as a preventative measure or recovery following surgery/treatment. The extra thick, support pad protects the foreleg from impacts, reduces pain, softens Calluses and improves movement.



X Small (12cm)
Small (14cm)
Medium (18cm)
Large (23cm)

Sizing is determined by measuring the circumference around the highest part of the leg (round the very top of the thigh area & under the belly/groin), which should then correspond to the height.

See sizing chart

Colours: Black