Safe to Shake Front Pet Carrier


The Front Pet Carrier has padding on the front & back to ensure your pet sits in comfort and the sides & part of the front (black area) have air holes so your pet does not overheat. Adjustable straps and a small pocket at the back are padded so you also remain comfortable. Side zips and an internal safety clip makes it easier to get your pet inside and keeps them secure.

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The Front Pet Carrier is ideal for puppies that have not received all their initial injections yet you want to socialise them. It is also ideal if you have an injured, very nervous or elderly pet, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air at a pace that suits you both.

You may find yourself in the situation Debbie did once when walking her dog Bob whilst carrying Evie the puppy on a short walk. Bob decided to go toilet but Debbie didn’t have a free hand to pick it up, this carrier would have been ideal in this situation leaving a hand free.

The carrier is also very useful if you are on a long walk with a large and small dog, and your small dog gets tired more quickly.