Safe to Shake Greyhound & Whippet Walking Coat – Oxford 300


The Greyhound/Whippet coat is fleece lined and has been designed with their specific shape & elegant long necks in mind. This coat is also suitable for other ‘shaped’ breeds such as Lurchers.

There are 11 sizes available – please ensure you have measured your dog correctly before ordering.

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  • Cosy & warm detachable snood
  • Let your dog carry their own poo bags by using the very handy press stud pocket provided on the exterior of the coat.
  • Back leg straps are available for dogs who do not mind wearing them and are ideal for when your dog is running around so that the coat stays in the correct position.
  • Fluorescent strips have been used around the edge of the coat & along the back.
  • The shaped coat has a thin fleece, designed so that your dog will not overheat. If demand for a thicker fleece is required Debbie will provide this shaped coat in the future with a slightly heavier fleece.

The detachable snood:

  • is fleece lined giving extra warmth (this is not a thick fleece), when detached there is a fleece collar to pull back over the remaining zip
  • detaches from the main coat making it versatile to the climate & the type of activity you do with your dog.
  • has a toggle to stop the cold & wind rushing down his/her neck. Please ensure you do not pull this too tight, you should be able to get at least the thickness of your fingers inside and check regularly on your walk.
  • has a useful zip to allow for the lead to be attached to the dogs collar helping eliminate heat escaping from the dogs neck.

Available in two different types of waterproof material in two different colours:

  • Fabric: Oxford Denier 300 polyester fabric – used when producing tents & umbrellas.
  • Colours: Purple, black & fluorescent yellow. Red, black & fluorescent orange.

Sizing (please see image for details):
There are eight different sizes available – please ensure you have measured your dog correctly before ordering . The main measurement is the length of your dog’s back – measuring from the lower part of their neck to the end of the back (where the tail starts). The snood is not included in the measurements. Although Safe to Shake Drying Coats are designed to fit many breeds, and variations of size within those breeds, it will not be suitable for all dogs.

Safety Information
The safety and well being of your dog is of paramount importance. Never leave your dog alone while wearing any type of garment. Keep away from open fires, naked flames, electric & fan heaters. Always make sure they have fresh cold water to drink. Remove the coat if you see any signs of overheating, discomfort or anxiety.