Safe to Shake Waterproof Walking Suit with Detachable Legs


The Safe to Shake Waterproof Suit has been designed to keep your dog dry, especially underneath their stomach and on their legs. Your dog will still be able to go to the toilet as there is a gap at the back & it is shaped with elastic underneath for our boy dogs.

See description for more full information and sizing.

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The Safe to Shake waterproof suit has been designed to keep your dog dry, with many unique features that will benefit you and your dog on wet, muddy & snowy days.

Detachable back legs
Essentially designed for dogs that don’t like their back legs placed in a dog suit. This allows your dog to wear part of the suit, grow in confidence and hopefully allow you to introduce the back legs. If for any reason your new waterproof dog walking suit does not quite fit in length – it’s a little too short or long – rather than compromising your dog’s stride you have the ability to detach the back legs but still have protection on their front chest, front legs & underneath their stomachs. This feature is not available on the XXXX-Small size due to the length of the legs in the first instance.

Half leg Detachment via a zip
As a safety precaution, if the legs are too long there is a danger your dog will fall into the body of the coat whilst running. Having the ability to make the legs shorter combats this issue whilst at the same time still offer protection from the elements. Another benefit of taking half the leg off the suit is to create versatility, especially for the dogs that have shorter legs with long bodies.

Bright Yellow Reflectors
Reflectors are on the sides & importantly along the back of the coat.

Zip Flap Protector
Underneath the zip that runs along your dog’s spine there is a flap of material that will ensure your dog’s fur does not get caught when zipping them into the suit.

Internal Fabric
Cotton has been used inside the waterproof suit as fleece will create the danger of overheating.

Handy external pocket
The pocket is perfect for letting your dog carry their own Poo bags.

Sizing (please see image for details):
Please ensure you have checked with the size guide & order the correct size for your dog as due to hygiene reasons the suits cannot be returned. The main measurement to double check is the length (back) of your dog, from the neck (normally the collar line) to the back of the tail. There are 6 different sizes available & remember if the legs are too long you will be able to detach half the leg except for the XXXX-Small size due to the length of the legs in the first instance.

Although Safe to Shake Drying Coats are designed to fit many breeds & variations of size within those breeds it will not be suitable for all dogs. Please measure your dog carefully before buying.

Putting the waterproof suit on your dog

  • Not all dogs take to wearing a coat first time, especially a waterproof suit that covers the majority of their body. This is something that you may have to train them to wear & the benefits are great (if only they understood that!)
  • Take your time & do not expect too much too soon – little but often & make it a game with treats & a training clicker.
  • Your dog may do the ‘star fish’ stance when they first have the waterproof suit on (legs spread apart) or they may just stand still & look at you with their big beautiful eyes. Give lots of encouragement for them to walk forwards. Distract their minds with a game or treats. Remember if you look worried & have a concerned voice they will sense that. Make is fun. Before you know it they will be walking with you forgetting there wearing the coat & more interested in getting out the front door. This method worked for Debbie & her two Spanish Water Dogs.

Safety Information
The safety & well being of your dog is of paramount importance. Never leave your dog alone while wearing any type of garment. Keep away from open fires, naked flames, electric & fan heaters. Always make sure they have fresh cold water to drink. Remove the coat if you see any signs of overheating, discomfort or anxiety.