Agility is fun fast and furious and highly addictive.
It gives your dog the mental and physical stimulation required to be happy and healthy and build up that relationship you desire.

Club Training / Group Sessions / 1-1 Sessions

I work with a range of dog breeds and tailor training to your needs. I work with clubs across the UK and also hold sessions at my own facilities in Easington.

Course handling/walking (agility and jumping) – Can you hold it together for a small sequence but struggle on a course?

Grid work (puppy and advanced) – Get your dog to “think” about jumping, get its striding right and then apply this to a course

2×2 or V weave training – entries and exits / speed and focus

European turns – getting tighter turns and technique

Small sequences – pull ins / flick flacks / one jump work / confidence / turn aways

Tunnel and wings courses – tighter turns, jump commitment and handler awareness

Puppy work – straight lines / puppy grids / wings / contact performance / ground work

Contact training using the two on two off method – getting faster and more consistent contacts.

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