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Agility is fun fast and furious and highly addictive.
It gives your dog the mental and physical stimulation required to be happy and healthy and build up that relationship you desire.

Group Sessions

We hold group training sessions throughout the week and almost every evening, with a maximum of 6 dogs in each hourly class.

Anyone is welcome with any breed as long as your dog is friendly. It would be helpful if your dog has previously been to an obedience class so they know basic behaviours, this is a HUGE advantage.

We have an obedience trainer on site as well as control classes which work more towards agility foundations you will need.

One-One Sessions

One-ones are available upon request and are tailored just for you.

Club/Guest Training

We can come to you! We can visit your club and provide bespoke training. Whether it be small sequences for handling confidence, contact training, weave entries, European turns, understanding tunnel commands, grid work, puppy foundation or even attacking a full course – we do it all.

Online Training

If you would like to work from the comfort of your own home and in your own time why not try our online training!

We have broken it down into specific areas which you may be interested in. This makes it very cost effective as you can buy the thing you need to work on most without being clouded by other videos.

Each module contains short videos which are to the point and you have access to those for 3 months. A fantastic cost friendly option.

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