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Ortocanis Canine Knee Brace


The Ortocanis Canine Knee Brace is an individual, external support, designed to assist dogs suffering with Arthritic conditions, Cruciate Ligament and/or Meniscus injuries, Dysplasia, Arthrosis, Patella problems, Tendinitis, etc. When fitted correctly, the Knee Braces (either Right of Left) have an elastic and a stabilising effect, helping to overcome lameness and joint pain (prior to any surgery and as a recovery aid following surgery), which then enables the dog to quickly regain a normal walking pattern, while, at the same time, promoting improved quality of life. The brace covers the knee area and is retained with a belt under the abdomen and over the back and secured with Velcro. Sizing is determined by measuring the circumference around the highest part of the leg (round the very top of the thigh area & under the belly/groin), which should then correspond to the height.



  • Extra Mini. (13cm – 14cm)
  • Mini. (15cm up to 16cm)
  • XXX Small. (17cm up to 18cm) 
  • XX Small. (19cm up to 21cm) 
  • Extra Small. (22cm up to 24cm) 
  • Small. (25cm up to 28cm) 
  • Medium. (29cm up to 31cm) 
  • Large. (32cm up to 36cm) 
  • X Large. (37cm up to 41cm) 
  • XX Large (42cm up to 47cm)

Colour: Charcoal Grey

Although these products are not breed specific, guidelines examples are ….

Mini (Pincher), XXXS (Chihuahua), XXS (Jack Russell), XS (Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel/Fox Terrier), S (Kelpie/Greyhound/Beagle), M (Border Collie/Springer Spaniel/Staffordshire Bull Terrier),  L (German Shepherd Dog/Labrador/Boxer/ Golden Retriever), XL (Newfoundland/Bullmastiff/Rottweiler) and XXL (Bernese Mountain Dog/St. Bernard/Great Dane).

 PLEASE NOTE: It recommended to use these items when the dog is standing or normal walking, not during strenuous physical exercise (eg. competition). Almost all Canine limb supports are designed to be most effective when the dog is standing upright or walking. Some movement/dislodging is unavoidable when the dog sits, because the natural posture changes and, in the case of the stifle (knee) the joint’s shape becomes more pointed. The Brace should return to its normal position, once the dog stands up. To apply the Brace, the dog must lift its leg & put it through the “cone”. So, in certain, exceptional conditions, these products may not be suitable if the dog is unable to lift its leg. 

Ortocanis Knee Braces are, by and large, only intended to be used as individual items, rather than adapted into pairs.

Please be aware: In rare circumstances, wrong sizing, incorrect fitting and/or slippage could, potentially,cause chafing.