Ortocanis Knee Brace


The “Ortocanis” Canine Knee Brace is an external support, designed to assist dogs suffering with Arthritic conditions, Cruciate Ligament and/or Meniscus injuries, Dysplasia, Arthrosis, Patella problems, Tendinitis, etc. When fitted correctly, this Knee Brace has an elastic and a stabilising effect, helping to overcome lameness and joint pain (prior to any surgery and as a recovery aid following surgery), which then enables the dog to quickly regain a normal walking pattern, while, at the same time, promoting improved quality of life.



The brace covers the knee area and is retained with a belt under the abdomen and over the back and secured with Velcro. Sizing is determined by measuring the circumference around the highest part of the leg (round the very top of the thigh area & under the belly/groin), which should then correspond to the height.

See sizing chart

Colours: Black